Solutions Management

Mapleport recognises that today’s Business and IT projects place enormous demands on management to deliver what are often complex solutions, that require an ability to guide a project from initial concept, through business case approval to successful implementation and closure. These projects increasingly call for management skills that go beyond pure project management. The ability to think strategically, coupled with risk, financial and team-building know-how, built on a solid foundation of business, technical and service knowledge define the typical skill set required for strong leadership to meet the challenges of business today.

Mapleport’s clients value the fact that its consultants bring this Solutions Management blend to all of its assignments and it brings clear benefits over traditional uni-dimensional approaches.

Mapleport’s ability is further enhanced by its adherence to standards, both industry and best practice. Whether it is by embracing a project management methodology, a procurement and outsourcing approach or a recognised risk or service framework, Mapleport always ensures that, in tailoring a solution for its clients, the best of internationally recognised standards will always form the basis of assignments.

In addition to all of this, Mapleport has gained a reputation for building teams of solutions managers to meet the most challenging of project briefs and for ensuring that its particular ethos underscores all aspects of the brief.

Taken in combination, Mapleport’s standards-based and holistic approach to Solutions Management has, over the years, provided its clients with a reliable, professional and value for money service. A service, which you will see from its client database, ensures that its clients invite Mapleport to work with them time and time again.

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